Acceptable Use Policy


Together with our General website Terms and Conditions of use, this Acceptable Use policy governs how you may access and use the Site.


Site - includes the following website and all associated web pages;

Submission or submissions - means any text, images, video, audio or other multimedia content, software or other information or material submitted by you or other users to the Site;

We, us or our - means Echo it™, a company whose registered office is at 200 Plymouth Pl #3205, Somerset, New Jersey;

You or your - means the person accessing or using the Site or its Content.

3. Acceptable use

3.1. We permit you to use the Site primarily for accessing information, supporting other users’ echoes (re-echoing) and posting innovative comments and suggestions on the website (echoing).

3.2. Use of the Site in any other way, including in contravention of any restriction on use set out in this policy, is not permitted. If you do not agree with the terms of this policy, you may not use the Site.

4. Restrictions on use

4.1.The Website will be monitored daily and content which violates our Echo standards will be removed. Inappropriate content can be reported to the Website Administrators by using the flag/report buttons.

4.2.Users who violate our Echo Standards will receive a warning email and access to the Site may be restricted and their account locked. Access to a restricted/locked account remains solely at the Website Administrators’ discretion.

4.3.Website Administrator reserves the right to block IP addresses that persistently violate our Echo Standards.

4.4.Users who abuse the Re-Echo feature by using it incorrectly without reading any Echo Content or re-echoing an unrealistic number of Echoes or registering multiple accounts with the intention of producing false re-echoes will receive a warning. Continued abuse may result in your account being locked or your IP address banned from our Website.

4.5.As a condition of your use of the Site, you agree:

4.5.1.not to use the Site for any purpose that is unlawful under any applicable law or prohibited by this policy or our General website terms and conditions of use [insert link];

4.5.2.not to use the Site to commit any act of fraud;

4.5.3.not to use the Site to distribute viruses or malware or other similar harmful software code

4.5.4.not to use the Site for purposes of promoting unsolicited advertising or sending spam;

4.5.5.not to use the Site to simulate communications from us or another service or entity in order to collect identity information, authentication credentials, or other information (‘phishing’);

4.5.6.not to use the Site in any manner that disrupts the operation of our Site or business or the website or business of any other entity;

4.5.7.not to use the Site in any manner that harms minors;

4.5.8.not to promote any unlawful activity;

4.5.9.not to represent or suggest that we endorse any other business, product or service unless we have separately agreed to do so in writing;

4.5.10.not to use the Site to gain unauthorized access to or use of computers, data, systems, accounts or networks;

4.5.11.not to attempt to circumvent password or user authentication methods; comply with the provisions relating to our Intellectual Property Rights and Software contained in our General website terms and conditions of use [insert link]; and

4.5.13.You are over the age of 13.

5. Bulletin boards, chat rooms and other interactive services

5.1. We may make bulletin boards, chat rooms or other communication services (‘Interactive Services’) available on the Site.

5.2. We may remove or edit any Submissions to any of our Interactive Services whether they are moderated or not.

5.3. Any Submission you make must comply with our Echo standards set out below.

6.Echo standards

6.1. Any Submission or communication to users of our Site must conform to standards of accuracy, decency and lawfulness, which shall be applied in our absolute discretion. In particular, you warrant that any Submission or communication is:

6.1.1.your own original work and lawfully submitted;

6.1.2.factually accurate and/or your own genuinely held belief for betterment of a company, a product or a service;

6.1.3.provided with the necessary consent of any third party;

6.1.4.not defamatory or likely to give rise to an allegation of defamation;

6.1.5.not offensive, obscene, sexually explicit, discriminatory or deceptive; and

6.1.6.unlikely to cause offence, embarrassment or annoyance to others.

6.1.7.You may not use obscene or pornographic images in your profile photo.

7. Linking and framing

7.1.You may create a link to our Site from another website without our prior written consent provided no such link:

7.1.1.creates a frame or any other browser or border environment around the content of our Site;

7.1.2.implies that we endorse your products or services or any of the products or services of, or available through, the website on which you place a link to our Site;

7.1.3.displays any of the trademarks or logos used on our Site without our permission or that of the owner of such trademarks or logos; or placed on a website that itself does not meet the acceptable use requirements of this policy.

7.2. We reserve the right to require you to immediately remove any link to the Site at any time, and you shall immediately comply with any request by us to remove any such link.

8. Using the Echo it™ name and logo

8.1. You may not use our trademarks, logos or trade names except in accordance with this policy and our General website terms and conditions of use.

8.2. Publishing Media Institutions may download our Media Kit through the Contact Us tab (no purchase necessary). The Media Kit contains our logo, thumbnail and other trademarked images as well as granting users the right to use our name and logo in connection with Licensed Products. Echo it reserves the right to request immediate removal of Trademark material which is deemed as inappropriate content.

9. Spam

9.1. Echo it has a zero tolerance spam policy. You may not use Echo it services for the purpose of spamming. Our systems automatically scan all posted content and filters out echoes that appear to be spam. No filtering system is 100% accurate, and from time to time legitimate echoes may be filtered out by our systems. If you believe that a legitimate echo you have posted has been filtered out by our systems, please advise us by using the “Contact Us” tab on the website.

What constitutes “spamming” will evolve as we respond to new tricks and tactics by spammers. Some of the factors that we take into account when determining what conduct is considered to be spamming are:

•If your updates consist mainly of links, and not genuine feedback or ideas;

•If a large number of spam complaints have been filed against you;

•If you post duplicate Echoes over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate Echoes on one account;

•If you repeatedly create false or misleading content;

•Randomly or aggressively Re-Echoing Echoes;

•Creating misleading accounts or account interactions;

•Selling or purchasing account interactions (such as selling or purchasing re-echoes);

•Using or promoting third-party services or apps that claim to get you more re-echoes;

• Offering to “re-echo for re-echo”.

In the unlikely event that you receive any message from us that may be considered to be spam, please contact us using the Contact Us tab and the matter will be investigated. We may also report incoming email as spam. This can result in IP addresses and domain names being blacklisted.

10. Breach

We shall apply the terms of this policy in our absolute discretion. In the event of your breach of these terms we may terminate or suspend your use of the Site, remove or edit Submissions, disclose Submissions to law enforcement authorities or take any action we consider necessary to remedy the breach.

11. Contact Us

Users can contact us using the “Contact Us” form on the website or email us directly at Users can also contact us if they have any questions or suggestions or disputes in regard to our Terms & Conditions and associated Policies. We will try to resolve any disputes quickly and efficiently.

12. Governance

The Courts of the State of New Jersey will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to the Terms. 

Advertising Policy

Advertising on our Website must meet the highest standards. In particular, ads must adhere to federal, state and local laws and regulations, Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission rules and guidelines.

Echo it™ creates content that is truthful, substantiated, not misleading and in good public taste. To that end, this Advertising Policy is designed to help educate Advertisers as to rules and norms for advertising through Echo it™.

This Advertising Policy is not intended to be all-inclusive. Advertisers are responsible for adhering to all laws, rules and guidelines, and Echo it™ always reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement or require the elimination or revision of any advertiser content. You are always fully responsible for, and Echo it™ shall have no liability in connection with, any advertising content that you provide or any advertisement (including any Pre-produced Ad) that you run.

If you have any questions about these Advertising Policies and Guidelines, you may contact us at

Advertising Guidelines

Ad Guidelines will soon be available to advertisers on our website in the “Contact Us” tab. The Guidelines will provide all advertisers with information on the different types of ads we offer on our website (including image dimensions and instructions, video instructions, examples of acceptable formats and content)

Abusiveness/ Vulgarity

Advertising may not, directly or by implication, be vulgar, obscene, profane, pornographic or contain nudity. Nor may advertising be threatening, abusive, harassing or hateful (racially, ethnically or otherwise) or otherwise objectionable in light of community norms and standards. Further to this we prohibit advertising of the following

  • No pornographic content or advertising companies/products/services of pornographic nature
  • No contraceptives
  • No pharmaceutical products
  • No tobacco/cigarettes
  • No religious
  • No politics
  • No money schemes
  • No firearms/ammunition

Alcoholic Beverages

Adverts for hard liquor or distilled spirits (including mixed products that contain hard liquor) are not allowed. Adverts for hard liquor or distilled spirits cannot target any users in a set of predominantly Middle Eastern countries, and can’t include creative that misleads users to think alcohol is healthy, suitable for minors, or a contributor to success. Advertisers may promote beer and wine, subject to federal, state and local laws, Federal Communications Commission, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and other applicable guidelines. Among other things:

Adverts may not depict the actual consumption of alcoholic beverages, which includes the sound effects or visuals of drinking.

Adverts may not encourage excessive consumption or the use of alcohol by minors.

Adverts generally may not refer to the strength of the beer or wine.

Where required by law, Adverts must disclose the name and city of the brewer, producer, packer, wholesaler or reporter responsible for its broadcast.

Country Flags

Adverts using or depicting any country’s Flag should treat the flag in a dignified and appropriate manner. We do not allow advertising that depicts overly patriotic attitudes or political agendas.

Availability of Products and Services

Adverts must disclose if distribution or availability of products or services is limited. For example, if your products or services are not yet available or not available in the majority of the advertising market where your ads will be run, your ad must make this limitation clear.


Adverts directed to children must comply with federal, state and local laws, Federal Trade Commission and other applicable guidelines, including the Self-Regulatory Guidelines for Children's Advertising of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureau. A copy of Self-Regulatory Program for Children's Advertising may be found at Federal Trade Commission:

Claim Substantiation

Advertising claims must be substantiated (prior to running the Advert) with valid and reliable research or support. Claim substantiation must comply with federal, state and local laws, Federal Trade Commission and other applicable guidelines. FTC Policy Statement Regarding Advertising Substantiation that may be found at

Comparative Advertising

Advertising comparing products or services may not distort or exaggerate differences or otherwise create a false, deceptive or misleading impression. Comparative Adverts must comply with federal, state and local laws, Federal Trade Commission and other applicable guidelines.

Dietary and Nutritional Supplements

Adverts related to dietary supplements must comply with federal, state and local laws, Food and Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission and other applicable guidelines.

Firearms and Ammunition

Echo it™ does not accept advertising for firearms and/or ammunition.


Adverts may not overstate or exaggerate the nutritional value of foods. Health claims, including claims of food being "nutritious" or "healthy" must be substantiated and in the context of a total diet. All food adverts must comply with federal, state and local laws, Food and Drug Administration, and other applicable guidelines, including the provisions of the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act of 1990. Details which can be found at

Any charges beyond the advertised purchase price (e.g., postage, handling, etc.) must also be disclosed.

The time necessary for the consumer to receive the merchandise must be reasonable. For example, if time for delivery will exceed 30 days, commercials must indicate the actual anticipated time for such delivery.

Prohibited Commercial Presentations and Techniques

Echo it™ prohibits adverts that, among other things:

  • Make claims or representations that are false or tend to deceive, mislead, or misrepresent;
  • Offer unsupported or exaggerated promises of earnings;
  • Use "subliminal perception" or other similar techniques;
  • Give unqualified safety references, if the product’s package, label or insert contains a caution, or the normal use of the product presents a possible hazard.
  • Use "Bait and Switch" tactics that promote goods or services not intended for sale but designed to lure the public into purchasing substitute goods or services; or
  • Make direct or implied use of government officials or any government body without official approval.

Because standards and practices are continually evolving and vary from medium to medium and from region to region, remember that it is always your sole responsibility to ensure that your advertisement conforms to all applicable laws, rules and regulations. This Policy is for your information and sets forth general standards for advertising with Echo it.

This Policy is by no means exhaustive and is subject to revision without notice by Echo it™ in its sole discretion. Echo it™, in accordance with the Echo it™ Terms and Conditions, has the right to reject or require revisions to Advertiser Content for any reason whatsoever, whether or not set forth expressly in this Policy or the Echo it™ Terms and Conditions. Echo it™ shall not be responsible or liable for any ads’ (including any Pre-produced Ads’) compliance with federal, state and local laws, Federal Trade Commission and other governmental agency, television broadcast and other applicable rules, regulations and guidelines. Publishing of your ad in no way constitutes Echo it’s approval of your ad, your Advertiser Content, or your use of the ad.